Welcome, we are grateful that you are here, you’ve made a huge first step by asking for support during this difficult time

Treatment for everyone

When faced with the hardships of managing day to day life on top of trying to cope with deep-rooted pain, our emotions can become overwhelming and heavy. We are here to walk alongside all individuals, couple’s and families who need a safe space to grieve and feel supported.

Discover Peace

Life after a loss is different, but it doesn’t have to always feel this heavy. Let’s find solutions that work best for you.

Our approach is warm and collaborative, we strive to be a supportive presence in your journey.

What we can offer you and your loved ones:

Clinical Therapy

We can offer you and your loved ones therapeutic support and skills to utilize to in order to work through various hardships causing distress.

Support Groups

Support groups are a great way to gain insight and comfort from those in your community and help normalize experiences we go through.

Clinical Supervision

We offer Clinical Supervision for LCSW in the state of North Carolina

We want you to feel cared for.

We take pride in being an open and inclusive practice. We embrace individuals across all cultures and backgrounds, to have a warm space for you to just be you.

William & Megan James

For your convenience, I offer both in-person and telehealth sessions.