It all starts with one step at a time. Therapy can be defined in many ways. Clinically it is a place to understand more about your mental health but it is more importantly a place for you to get to know yourself and the people you love. The experiences we go through can move us in many directions which may cause us to feel lost, isolated, broken, scared etc. My job is to provide you with a safe space to process and help you maneuver through these obstacles keeping you stuck. In this space, you get to just be you, and learn more about what that looks like.

Support Group: Holding Space for Grief

  • *Currently recruiting new clients for an eight week support group beginning in September 2021.*
  • This group is geared towards adults who have sustained a loss through death. The goal of this group is to offer support and coping skills in an effort to manage grief.
  • Cost: $60/session – to be held virtually/in person.
  • Due to the nature of the group, we will have limited seats, please email me today to reserve your place.

Supervision: LCSWA

With over twenty years of experience in the field of Social Work, I am excited to provide clinical supervision for LCSWA clinicians in North Carolina. I currently work in Charlotte, NC and am offering in-person/virtual meetings. Clinical supervision is a special/safe place to share our love for this work together and I will help guide you in transforming what you have learned into practical but authentic skills. I would be grateful to mentor and teach you through role modeling, facilitating professional development and identity and reinforcement of ethical evidence-based practices. I would love nothing more than to watch you grow and be alongside your journey.

Please email me today for more information about my services: